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Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMI)
MISSION MINISTRIES, INC. (MMI). was birthed out of a vision to glorify the Lord, preach the gospel, evangelize the lost, heal the sick, cast devils, promote Godly family values, help the poor, minister to widows, single moms and fatherless children, and minister to ministers. In October of 2016, we celebrated our TWELFTH ANNIVERSARY.

In October of 2004, MISSION MINISTRIES, INC.

became an official organization. On Sunday, October 31, 2004, we held our first Sunday service; that was held in a local high school cafeteria. From the very beginning, the presence of the Lord was evident. During the first weeks and months of meeting in the cafeteria, we witnessed souls saved, the sick healed, and lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The ministry then moved into a building where the Lord continued to do great signs, wonders, and miracles. Several months later the ministry moved again. It was during this time that the ministry was put on temporary inactive status in order to regroup and get fresh vision and direction from the Lord. Soon the Lord directed us to resume holding meetings. Eventually, the ministry began meeting in the conference room of a local business. Several months later, the owners of the business blessed the ministry with a chapel to meet in. This became Mission Ministries Chapel.


Over the last twelve years, this ministry has had the honor of leading scores of people to the Lord,with as many receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. In addition, there have been countless confirmed healings, including cancers, back problems, COPD, and various diseases. On one occasion, a lady came to a service using a walker. She left the service walking on her own! Praise the Lord!
The Lord has led the ministry to support missions work in several countries, some of which include South Africa, Nigeria, and Colombia, South America. In addition, the ministry has been used to help victims of disasters in the USA and abroad. The ministry also does home missions by doing outreaches and evangelism in neighborhoods in our local community.
Part of our original vision from the Lord has been to minister to ministers. During the last ten years, the Lord has used this ministry to help train, equip, and ordain several ministers into the ministry. In addition, the ministry has hosted several conferences and training seminars.
Truly the Lord has used this ministry in amazing and powerful ways. We thank God for the privilege of serving Him, and we pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to use this ministry to His glory and for His purpose.
Be blessed of the Lord,
Pastors Steve and Luan Munsell

Shepherd’s Farm – Reflection Pond