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Mission Ministries 

UPCOMING – Special Services: To be announced
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PREVIOUS – Event: “The Prophetic Round Table”  
Date and Time:  Monday, July 11, 2016, at 7:00 PM
Location:  Mission Ministries Chapel, 2450 Florida Blvd SW, Denham Springs, LA
Vision:  To provide ministry in personal prayer and prophecy to individuals as the Holy Spirit directs. Ministry to be by the “Prophetic Ministry Team” of Mission Ministries Chapel. 
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Special Services, Events, and Activities (Dates and Times): To Be Announced
As our Special Events and Activities are scheduled, an ‘Announcement’ will be posted here, on this EVENTS Page, and shown on the Calendar (below).
GUEST MINISTERS (Dates and Times): To Be Announced 
Special Services are hosted for Guest Ministers from other churches, cities, and nations.Guest Ministers speak the Word
of God, with signs and wonders following, as the Holy Spirit leads.Watch this EVENTS Page for Announcements of our Upcoming Guest Ministers. Special Services are shown on the Calendar (below).


   ‘Quarterly’ Newsletters:  
   Mission Ministries Inc.  

   Over 4 Years (2011 – 2015)

  • 17 Newsletters Published  
  • January-March, 1st Qtr, 2011:    First Newsletter    
  • ‘Newsletters’ are listed on MMI Website NEWSLETTER Page           and can be read or downloaded
   Bible Study/Prayer Meetings:
   Mission Ministries
   Over 5 Years (2011 – 2016)    
  •  Bible Study/Prayer Meetings:        To Be Announced        
  • Wednesday, May 11, 2011:      First Meeting    
  • Bible Study/Prayer Meetings will  list on MMI Website EVENTS Page & Calendar

   Holy Communion/Family Sunday:

   Mission Ministries
   Over 5 Years (2011 – 2016)    
  • First Sunday of each Month:    Holy Communion – Family Sunday
  • Sunday, April 3, 2011:               First Family Sunday – Event:   “Prayer Cloth Balloon Launch”  
  • Family Sunday is listed on MMI
    Website EVENTS Page & Calendar