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Mission Ministries provides documents of Sermon and Bible Study Outlines/Notes, Devotionals, Messages, and other Teachings. Browse selections on the Teachings ‘Library: Document’ web page often, to keep up with the Teaching Ministry. Also, browse the Teachings ‘Library: Audio’ web page, for audio recordings of Sunday Sermons, Bible Studies, and Special Meetings. Feel free to share these Sermons and Teachings with friends and family.
NOTE: You can View a Document (on this page) and Listen to Audio Selection on ‘Library: Audio’ web page     
  • Menu, Click ‘Library: Audio’ web page and Click ‘Play’ on Audio Bar, beneath Selected Audio Title    
  • Menu, Right Click ‘Library: Document’ web page, Click ‘Open in New Tab‘, Click Document Title    
  • Menu, Right Click ‘Library: Bible’ web page,  Click ‘Open in New Tab’, to do Bible Search (pending)    
  • As you study, go back and forth between Tabs (play/pause Audio, go to Document, to Bible Search)    
  • When finished studying, simply Close All Tabs to free up your computer