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Audio System: Upgraded     

  • 2010: Mission Ministries – Upgraded equipment used for worship and ministering God’s Word 

Newsletter: Released Quarterly     

Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMI)
  • First Quarter Newsletter, Released — March 31, 2011
  • Newsletters are available on the MMI Website    
  • View, Print, or Download Newsletter: Select ‘Newsletter’, under ‘NEWS’ tab, top of web page    
  • Contribute, Participate, Prepare, Publish, Print, and Distribute the MMI Newsletters (and Other Publications) 

New Website: Released    

Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMI)

  • October 16, 2011: Transferred the Original Website: to the New Website:    
  • April 17, 2011: Announced the New Website:  
  • Slideshow on Home Page: Click on small images below large image, to change image faster    
  • Listen, view, download Teachings on MMI Website 
  • Upgrade and expand capabilities on MMI Website     

Teachings Library: Online     

  • “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed”  2 Timothy 2:15    
  • Mission Ministries is eager to provide audio and document Teachings on MMI Website    
  • ‘The Prophet’s Corner’ and ‘Draw Me Nearer’ Newsletter Messages – ‘From the Bible’ web page    
  • Sunday Sermon, Bible Study, Special Meeting recordings – ‘Library: Audio’ web page    
  • Sermon and Bible Study Outline/Notes, Devotionals – ‘Library: Document’ web page    
  • Bible Helps – ‘Library: Bible’ web page    
  • Browse selections on the Teachings ‘Library’ web pages, to keep up with the Teaching Ministry 
  • Share the Gospel! Feel free to share these Sermons and Teachings with friends and family.

Featured Archived Events/Activities:

  • Archive: ‘Events /Activities‘ POST links are on ‘Compassion N Action’, under ‘Ministry’ tab    
  • Picture Gallery is included 

Calendar: Upcoming Events/Activities 

  • Calendar (monthly): is now available on the MMI Website, with scheduled dates/times    
  • To view the Calendar, select ‘Calendar’ tab, under ‘Home’ tab, top of web page    
  • Go back (prev) a month, forward (next) a month, or select a month and year (press GO)    
  • At bottom of any web page, view an ‘eight weeks’ list of Upcoming Events/Activities 

Email: Capabilities    

  • E-mail Forms are available on the MMI Website, for Prayer Request and Contact Us    
  • Prayer or Needs Request, E-mail Form: Select ‘Request’ under ‘Prayer’ tab, top of web page    
  • Contact Us, E-mail Form: Select ‘Contact’ tab, top of web page    
  • E-mail Mailboxes available on the MMI Website, for Ministry Groups and Individuals 

Login: Access and Capabilities    

  • Login Access is available for use on the MMI Website, “limited access” to Ministry Areas 
 Password Protection: Online     
  • Password Protection is available for use on the MMI Website, on “selected” web pages 

Search Bar: Page Heading   

  • Search is available on the MMI Website, to search the MMI Website (only)    
  • At top right corner of of any web page, type in Search ‘box’, then click ‘Search’ button    
  • Examples: Luan / Steve / balloon / bowling / Lofdal / Christmas / 2010 / picture