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Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMI): Future Possibilities — Expansion of Vision and Compassion Ministries
The only thing that is ‘constant’ in the world today, is ‘change‘.
Please Pray with us about the following (and other) possibilities, in fulfilling the Vision for MMI:
Shepherd Hills: Gathering place(s) for retreats, meetings, camps, fellowship, and more Shepherd Storehouses: Storage place(s) to distribute provisions, supplies, food, clothing, and more
Shepherd’s Compassion: Community action(s) to distribute needed provisions, food, clothing, and more
Shepherd Homes: Family place(s) for the love and care of orphaned or displaced children
Shepherd Groups: Church place(s) to meet, minister, encourage, and disciple individuals and families
Special Ministries for Events and Activities:    
  • MMI is available for special ministry events, meetings, services, conferences at other Ministry locations    
  • MMI hosts special ministry classes, meetings, services, events, and conferences