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Every Christian is called to Prayer, Intercession, and Fasting.
Prayer Ministry: A New Sound (suddenly and supernatural)     
  • Praise and Worship, Blessing and Honor, Prophetic Declaration, Spiritual Warfare    
  • Glorify God the Father, His only Son Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit    
  • Pray God’s Will be Done on Earth 
Group: Pentecost Prayer – Stalwart Prayer Warriors – Watchers on the Wall
To be lead by the Holy Spirit through Intercession, Prayer, and Fasting 
Location: Mission Ministries
Meetings: As scheduled
Prayer and Intercession:    
  • Pray for all elected leaders in the United States. Pray that our leaders will serve and rule in the fear and wisdom of God. The Bible clearly states in II Samuel 23:3, that  ” . . . He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”    
  • Pray that Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMI) will experience a greater depth of faith and power in the Holy Spirit to believe for signs and wonders from the Lord in confirming His Word as we minister the gospel. 

Sister Lear Marchand leads Opening Prayer for Sunday Services at Mission Ministries